Update — 3 Months In!

img_0515As a new month has started and it has been a while since I’ve really written about what’s happening in my life (and not recipes or thank you’s). So here’s an update, a general one, about my life on the diet and my progression as a Crohn’s patient. I have lots of news, starting with the bad because I want to end this post on a happy note!

Bad News:

  • Last weekend, I had a couple of days after Thanksgiving where I was having daily stomach aches. That was really scary. I mean, for a normal person, without IBD, a stomach ache probably wouldn’t bother them too much; pain was so regular for me before I was diagnosed that after a while I just began to ignore it. But now, now that I know that this kind of thing could mean that nothing was working and that I really did have to take pills every day and risk the side effects, that I was having a flare or something worse, I was on the verge of tears. It made me really sad to think that this diet might have worked for so many other people but not for me. Of course, it was only a scare. My mom and I realized later that it was probably just from overeating and eating a lot of cauliflower and Brussels sprouts the last few nights. But those thoughts still came to me and made me realize how much more conscious I am of these things.
  • I still don’t always feel like I fit in; my friends offer me food that I can’t eat, it’s hard for me to go to certain events or take part in some activities, and that makes me sad a lot of times. I can say that at least I’ve gotten used to it, though. Some of my friends have also said some things that aren’t meant to be hurtful, but seem to come out that way. I always end up forgiving them, but some things do sting.

Good News: 

  • One of my closest friends from elementary school, who also lives on my street, Samantha, has done something extremely sweet and contacted the caterer to make sure that there would be food for me to eat at every meal of her bat mitzvah weekend in February! It made me feel so happy that she thought about me when she was planning for her special day. Thank you so much if you’re reading this Samantha.
  • I’m now no longer mad about the diet. Sometimes I am upset, but I don’t really want to quit anymore after seeing my amazing results.
  • Lastly, today is the first day of IBD awareness week! I’m excited to spread the word with those who are willing to listen. In addition, two of my friends, Rebecca B and Rebecca G, are trying out the SCD for a week. They’re starting this Sunday and ending next weekend. Good luck to you both!

So, that was a quick update on my life. I’m really glad that the diet is working well, and that I am coming to terms with myself and my conditions.


P.S. The picture is the catering menu from Samantha’s bat mitzvah, which she generously changed for my benefit. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Update — 3 Months In!

  1. We are so thrilled that your amazing discipline (diet wise) is making you a more healthy young woman. With love, your adoring grandparents, Gigi and Zaida


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