Congratulations to Seven Dedicated and Amazing Friends!

img_0574Wow. Here we are in December, my first IBD awareness month as Crohn’s patient. How fitting that seven of my friends (Four of those seven belong to the Bender family, a special thank you to Rebecca, Samantha, Ethan and Dan!)decided to join me on my SCD journey for a week, sticking to it and being able to avoid sugar, grains, starch, lactose… and get a taste of my life on the diet. I asked each of them to write a little bit of something to report on what happened and how they reacted to eating the way I do for seven days.

Rochelle, a close friend from my old school, and Julia, her mom and another one of my supporters and cheerleaders, reported that they have “both successfully completed a week on the SCD diet! It was hard but it was also really great.”

“For me,” Julia said, “it got me back on the healthy path I had been on during my weight loss efforts.”. For Rochelle, “it proved to her that she could eat healthy and be disciplined about her food intake, and it also gave her a lot of insight into the struggles you must be facing at social events and school. It also gave us an opportunity to make some foods we hadn’t made before but can now be healthy staples: spaghetti squash, baked pears with honey and cinnamon (which Rochelle thinks tastes like cookie dough), and the parmesan crisps.” Julia says that she will probably continue on a modified version (focusing on avoiding wheat and sugar) and that she hopes fully that “Rochelle will continue some aspects as well.”

This makes me really happy to hear! I think that anyone can change any habit or routine, even the way they eat, as long as they stick to it don’t give up.


Congrats to all of you and thank you for making the effort to try something adventurous and new!

P.S. Sorry for not posting last week! I have no excuse, I was lazy and I apologize. 🙂

P.P.S. The picture on the top is of the group conversation between me and my friends, where they shared their recipes, findings, and tasty treats with everyone.


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