An Interview With Addy

img_0630This week, I decided to interview a new friend of mine, Addy. Addy is eleven years old, has Crohn’s disease, and is on the SCD, too. (And even though she was very seriously ill before, she’s now been in remission for more than a year–all without meds!) Even though she lives on the other side of the country, I still love texting and connecting with her when we can find a good time to talk! On Monday, I did a (really) short interview with her about her life on the same diet and a similar lifestyle. It was really interesting to compare notes and see how much we seem to have in common.

“One of my least favorite parts of being on the SCD diet is that you can’t have any sugar, or when you are at your friend’s house you have to pack food and not be able to have the food there. And one of my favorite things is you are healthy and a lot of the food is good. Some people don’t give the diet a chance to do its needs for people,” Addy says.

I couldn’t agree more! I always feel like it’s really awkward when I bring my own food and have to set it up while everyone else just eats freely and easily. And it’s the worst when people don’t try your (actually delicious) food that’s made from scratch!

I asked Addy how long she’s been on the diet and how she’s grown and changed from her experiences.

“I have been on the diet for at least 2 to 3 years and…

“I have become a stronger person and have believed that I can make a difference for other people in life.”

Preach, Sister!

Addy says that the day after our interview, her local news station in Seattle came to interview her and a segment about her life on the diet will be aired after the holidays. Congrats, Addy!

Happy holidays, everyone.

P.S. The picture above is of Addy, on the top, and me, on the bottom, so close, yet so far!

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