New Year, New Me (hopefully)!

I guess this is it. I’m standing at the edge of 2016, looking down into the shining waters of the new year below. So, let me jump in! I’ve been thinking, and maybe that’s why this post is two days late, about what a whole year will be like on this diet. New Year’s Day with Crohn’s, then Valentines, St. Patrick’s, April Fools, my birthday (which is in May), the last day of school, Independence Day, Camp Ramah, eighth grade, another Halloween, Thanksgiving, and finally another countdown to a new year, all with new experiences, a new diet, and a new me. Wait for my splash, you’ll hear it when the clock strikes midnight tonight. Happy New Year!

The New Year will be sweet, I know it.

2 thoughts on “New Year, New Me (hopefully)!

  1. I did hear your splash! You are so strong,Johanna. I am very sure that you will continue to face any upcoming challenges with your usual grace and confidence. With love and admiration, Gigi


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