About Camp

So, as I’ve said before, I love my camp. I love going there each summer, and enjoy each moment I spend there. But that includes the food. So this year, I’ve been emailing with a lot of staff in order to figure out a way to incorporate the diet into my camp experience. Although it was a lot easier last year, the staff have been really supportive about my needs (cue the ad for my summer camp). But I’ve been worrying a lot this week whether or not it will be exactly the same.

I mean, what’s summer like without the s’mores, the candy, the pizza, pasta and junk food? Although, when I think of my best memories from last summer, they’re just moments of pure happiness with my friends in the place I love most, without any food around. So, I don’t think food changes everything, but I know it will be harder this year. An overactive imagination like mine can lead to a lot of worrying. But all the same, camp is really far away, 200 days to be exact (I’ve been counting down already!), so I know that some things might change, including my perspective on my month at Ramah. I guess this post was simply about how the diet, and Crohn’s, are the worst, but they can not take the things I love most away from me. Even though I love gummy bears.

Camp is full of amazingly fun memories and I can’t wait to go back this year.

4 thoughts on “About Camp

    1. I go to Camp Ramah in New England. It’s a Jewish camp in southern Massachusetts. A lot of other campers have dietary restrictions as well, so I think that’s why they’re really open to and used to helping kids with diets and/or allergies.


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