New IBD Shirts!

Yesterday, my best Crohnie friend (who happens to be my dance teacher), Marnina Cowan,   gave me two awesome new shirts; one for this summer, one that raises IBD awareness (though I can obviously wear them all the time!). They’re also really cute, and big enough for me to grow into them, so that’s a plus…


“Ask me about my resilience and determination, where I find my strength, what motivates me to keep going, and reminds me I can handle this pain, why I refuse to quit, and what I’m doing to overcome MY IBD.”


” I got friends at Camp Oasis!”

The first shirt is pretty self explanatory, but as for the second one, I’m going to a camp this summer only for kids with IBD. It’s called Camp Oasis, and there are locations all around the U.S. where kids like me can go for five days, and just hang out and get to know others with a similar lifestyle to you. I can’t wait. Of course, I’ll still also be going to Ramah, my usual sleep-away camp, later this summer. However, there are 137 days until school ends in June, so I’ll have to wait a little bit first. Anyway, thank you Marnina for these awesome shirts! Can’t wait to wear them and spread “The Great Bowel Movement.” Get it? 🙂

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