Six Months!

img_1806Woah. It feels like just yesterday, I was sobbing because I thought I would never be a normal kid again.

I know everyone says that “it feels like just yesterday” thing about every big achievement and everything, but it really does. And maybe it’s because I really haven’t changed that drastically. I mean I’ve grown up a little, because that’s kind of what taking away sugar does to you. But other than that, I’m still the same person. And I got my new labs back, with mostly even better results than before.

This is how I have to live. It’s not ideal, it’s not perfect, and it’s certainly not normal, but it’s part of who I am now. I remember waiting and waiting for the first month of my diet to be over, but now I realize I’m not waiting anymore, because that’s not how life works. I’m persevering, getting stronger, taller and more energetic, and I’m just becoming myself.

4 thoughts on “Six Months!

  1. Wow! Well done! I cannot imagine that I would have been able to face such as challenge as well when I was 12. Actually, I’m not sure I would do so as well now, and I’m 46. 🙂 You sound like an amazing young woman. Yashar koach, may you go from strength to strength (as we say here) and continue to have success. 🙂


    1. תודה רבה! אני למדתי בבית ספר יהודי אז העברית שלי לא מצוין אבל אני זוכרת קצת מי מה שלמדתי. אני חושבת שכל איש שרוצה או שצריך לעשות את משהוא ש‏חייב לו יכולים להשיג את משצריחים להשיג. י


  2. Hello Johanna, I am very impressed by this blog and by YOU! You have done so well on this diet and I think that as hard as this is, this is the best “medicine” for you. I will try out some of your recipes so I can better relate. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. I look forward to seeing you next time and to more postings on this blog. Hugs! Sabine


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