There is A LOT to Talk About.

Ok, I’m sorry. It’s been like, a whole month since I’ve done anything with this blog. But life gets in the way, even when you’re a twelve-year-old who mainly just has to focus on homework and school and what to wear tomorrow. So, my last post was on March 2nd, and today’s April 2nd, which works out perfectly, since now I can talk about why I procrastinated each week. March 9th, should’ve posted, but couldn’t think of anything to post. March 16th, I had a huge research paper due in two weeks, and had to focus on one kind of writing rather than the other. March 23rd was crazy because I had my bat mitzvah to think of, which was in two days, and I was basically busy 24/7 leading up to that, even though most of the planning was done by the loveliest lady around, my mom. During the service, it’s a tradition to give a D’var Torah, a teaching of that week’s reading from the Bible, and I gave one that related to my experience on the SCD. You can find that right here. Then I had a really awesome party in the evening. That was a total success, because my party was all SCD food. It made me so happy to finally have one party I could go to where it wasn’t just the same old pizza and ice cream scenario, and everyone else seemed to enjoy the food, too. So now I’m here, profusely apologizing for not finding any time to keep blogging. Well, there’s no way to go back now…

Anyway, last night I went to my friend’s bat mitzvah party, and I had a great time. Though I couldn’t eat anything there, I think I was used to it and just decided to focus on the bat mitzvah, the dancing, and the green screen in the back. This morning, my mom asked me how the party went. I started talking about how the whole thing was candy-themed, and there were these cool balls with real candy sticking out as beautiful centerpieces. My mom asked me: 

“Was it hard?”

I said, “You mean the candy?” 

I thought she was asking if there was more chocolate or more lollipops and hard candies.

My mom said, “No, was it hard for you?”

I answered no. That was kind of a funny thing, because 7 months ago, I would have immediately known what she was talking about, said an inaudible “Yes,” and burst into tears. But I’m stronger now. Stuff like this can’t push me down as far anymore. I know there’s no point in complaining, because everybody faces some hardship in life, and I’m just happy mine came sooner, rather than later. 

P.S. the picture above is from my awesome bat mitzvah party!

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