Next Week

I decided to look at my journal from this year, and my most recent entry was this poem, which I thought I would share because 1) I haven’t posted in more than a month and 2) as I turned thirteen last week, I realized how much a person can change in one week, or even a day, given the right circumstances and the room to grow. So, here it is:

Next Week

Next week,

I’ll be one week older,

One week stronger,

One week tougher,

One week more alive.

Next week,

I’ll be seven days quicker,


Possibly happier.

Only seven days.

A lot can happen in such a little amount of time.

I could be better than ever.

I hope.

A week at a time, life goes by.

One week

Seven days

168 hours

Until I’m just that much better than I am now.

I hope.

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