Six Months!

Woah. It feels like just yesterday, I was sobbing because I thought I would never be a normal kid again. I know everyone says that “it feels like just yesterday” thing about every big achievement and everything, but it really does. And maybe it’s because I really haven’t changed that drastically. I mean I’ve grown … More Six Months!

About Camp

So, as I’ve said before, I love my camp. I love going there each summer, and enjoy each moment I spend there. But that includes the food. So this year, I’ve been emailing with a lot of staff in order to figure out a way to incorporate the diet into my camp experience. Although it … More About Camp

Congratulations to Seven Dedicated and Amazing Friends!

Wow. Here we are in December, my first IBD awareness month as Crohn’s patient. How fitting that seven of my friends (Four of those seven belong to the Bender family, a special thank you to Rebecca, Samantha, Ethan and Dan!)decided to join me on my SCD journey for a week, sticking to it and being … More Congratulations to Seven Dedicated and Amazing Friends!