What Your Friends Might Say…

fullsizerenderDISCLAIMER! If any of my friends read this and recognize themselves in these examples, this is really only to help others who may be in my situation out, I love and appreciate all of my friends and would not want to hurt any of them. Really.

So it’s simple to say that any experience, challenge, or life changing moment is easier to go through with a couple of friends by your side. But of course, if you’ve just started a new diet or have just gotten diagnosed with a totally weird, what-even-is-this disease, your friends will obviously not be able to get it right away. I mean, there are a lot of different situations you could find yourself in when your friends have just (“just” means anywhere from a day to, in my case, three months!) heard about your new situation. Here are some examples:

The one who forgets: This person is always talking about and enthusing over foods you can’t eat, then remembers after they see your expression or hear your one word answer back (mine is usually, “Cool.”) that you have a restrictive diet and apologize profusely for their mistake. They mean well, and you know it, but things can still hurt even then… For example:

Friend: Hey, look, they have [insert food here]!

Me: Cool.

Friend: Oh right, I’m SO SORRY! I keep forgetting.

Me: It’s okay.

And, scene! Anyway, that was only one example of two. Here’s the second, the confused one: This friend must have missed something. And that’s okay, but personally, I guess I get tired of explaining the same thing over and over again. Here’s an example of a text conversation my friend and I had a couple of weeks ago:

Friend: Can you send me your diet? Sry, random question. I’m just very curious about it. I know you can’t have sugar but idk what else.

Me: [sent link to Breaking The Vicious Cycle’s legal and illegal list] This is a list of foods I can and cannot eat.

Friend: Thx. [later] Can you have bread?

Me: Nope.

See, I find this confusing because I sent her the list so it would be easy for her to understand my restrictions, but now I feel as if that was for nothing, since she asked me if I could eat what I consider to be one of the number one no-nos on this diet.

These were just two situations someone might find themselves in. My advice? Try to realize that people don’t know at all what it’s like to be in your situation. I try to do this, too, and I get that that’s hard, but maybe if we all try it’ll be better for everybody. Hold onto your true friends; they really do make life more enjoyable!

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