The Perfect Plan

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time on this app called Paper. It’s an ironic name; there’s no paper involved, only a screen. But it’s a pretty realistic one that works just the way real paper does, just will an infinitely handy undo button. Anyway, I have found myself drawing on it a lot. But for some reason, I keep drawing food that I can’t eat. So I made a little virtual folder of all of my food, and ever since I’ve been drawing some really yummy-looking stuff, and I’m really proud of how it’s turned out. Then, on Friday afternoon, I was walking home from school, letting my mind wander, and it came to me: A way to raise awareness for Crohn’s disease and the SCD, help fund studies on the diet, AND gain a tiny bit of money for myself as well. I want to sell my art. This is why you may have noticed a new page on the site. It features my artwork and informs on pricing and the cause that I’m trying to benefit. Please check it out and help support NIMBAL research on the SCD! (The picture above is for sale!)

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