Caramel Experiments?

So, a lot of the time I get really annoyed because of how often I’m craving sugar and then having nothing to replace it. Last night, I went to my friend’s house where we made a totally Johanna-friendly meal, with basil pesto salmon, lentils, artichokes in a delicious garlic butter sauce, and carrots baked with pine nuts and honey butter sauce. Yum! But, while we were cooking, we made a very interesting discovery. As we took the carrots out of the oven, some of the pine nuts on top were covered in the honey butter sauce, and as we tried them, the sauce had baked into the exact SCD replica of caramel. So we tried making the same honey and butter sauce, but this time we put it in the microwave. We took it out and got the same caramel from before! Then we made sorbet (just frozen banana, frozen strawberries, and water) with my friend’s food processor, and drizzled the caramel on top. As it came in contact with the sorbet it hardened, just like the Hershey’s shell stuff you can buy at the store. It tasted amazing.

Today I was thinking about what my friend and I had discovered and decided to try it again. And next thing you know, there’s a bowl of two tablespoons of butter and four tablespoons of honey in the microwave (for 1 minute. You’re welcome.). I’ll admit, at first I just made one bowl of that and indulged in the delicious caramel I’ve been missing for almost five months now. But then I made another one, and with that batch I spooned it in to little chocolate molds, attempting to make caramel hard candies. FAIL. I put the tray in the freezer for thirty minutes and the butter somehow rose to the top, leaving half frozen honey on the bottom.

On the bright side, it was delicious and I kinda got caught up in it until I was sitting at the kitchen counter with a spoon in one hand and an empty tray in the other. Hey, I’ve got to find some way to be a normal kid who obsesses over candy, even on this diet! Overall, a fun day. Plus, the caramel sauce before it went into the freezer was really good. Not the exact thing I was looking for, but here I come, SCD ice cream sundae!

My empty caramel tray 🙂

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